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Commissions are open!


Share your email for further communication of course.

Send me references, descriptions and info for what your commission includes, I need to be sure of what is what I’m going to draw.


I can decline a commission for time restrain reasons, discomfort or lack of experience in some art fields.

Send me half of the payment first, then I send progress of my work. Once I finished the commission, send me the other half of the money. 

Commission slots:

1. Homosorcerer






Commission still open. 

Hey everybody Lizzie does some spectacular art and you should hit her up for commissions!

cobalt-borealis asked:

Amethyst would definitely be that person who waits for Pearl to be gone on a mission and moves all the furniture about 3 inches so she doesn't notice but keeps bashing her foot all day and getting super frustrated...


oh my gosh yes, absolutely! I can definitely see Amethyst doing something like that, like, spending way too much time and effort just to mess with Pearl. ‘cause while its fun to just throw a bunch of garbage in her room its even more fun to just do something small so everything is off but Pearl won’t notice right away, it’ll just keep bugging her but she won’t know why


Anonymous asked:

> Figure out what you're gonna do today!


You lie there for a moment before thinking, what are you gonna do today?

You then remember, there’s a lot of things you could do! Why LIMIT yourself and THINK about what you’re gonna do today? Just DO whatever happens today! You might end up SAVING A PRINCESS or two, ADVENTURING WITH JAKE, or maybe wind up PLAYING ON BMO! Your totally MATHEMATICAL LIFE doesn’t need any stupid plans!

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